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Ten Ways We Differ from Other LD Support Programs

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LC icon: 10 Ways card. 1 Supports
Paths and Diagnosis-Specific Supports
LC offers a variety of paths for your educational journey. You can choose to take courses on campus or online, attend one of our many summer programs, try out our one-year Transition at College (PG/Gap) or Bridge Experience, sample an Online Dual Enrollment course while in high school, or pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree. We provide diagnosis-specific supports such as executive function coaching, social pragmatics, advanced educational technology, and our Language Intensive Curriculum.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 2 Therapy Dogs
Therapy Dogs
We don’t just bring dogs on campus for final exam week. They’re here to provide you with support, companionship, and a small reminder of the comforts of home. Our Therapy Dogs even have their own office hours!
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 3 Sports
No Cut Policy
Want to play sports but afraid you won’t make the team? At LC, everyone is eligible to participate in our athletic and recreation programs.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 4 Tax Savings
Tax Savings
Many parents find that our unique educational focus serving students with a diagnosed learning disability qualifies them to earn significant medical tax deductions for tuition, fees, and even added expenses like books, computers, and transportation.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 5 Learning
Perspectives in Learning
Most students with a learning difference (LD) don’t fully understand how they learn—but not here. Our innovative first-year course encourages you to read your LD testing, research it, understand it, and articulate it—then present your findings and begin advocating for yourself.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 6 Universal Design
Universal Design
Our Universal Design approach gives you an equal opportunity to succeed. Classes are taught in a variety of ways such as visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 7 LCIRT
Landmark College’s Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT)
LCIRT, with its Virtual Reality Lab, Neurocognitive Laboratory, workshops, and cutting-edge research, is a leader in the field of LD. Students are able to intern with LCIRT and gain valuable experience.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 8 Neurodiversity Hub
Neurodiversity Hub
As the nation’s first Neurodiversity Hub, we work with leading employers worldwide to provide programs, skills, and experience to support neurodivergent students in becoming career-ready and building connections.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 9 Study Abroad
Study Abroad
Want to travel to Botswana and work on lion and rhino conservation? We do travel with a twist: 3-week faculty-led trips centered around a theme, journeying to such destinations as Japan, Costa Rica, England, Botswana, Alaska, Ireland, Caribbean, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Australia.
LC icon: 10 Ways card. 10 Results
A Home for All
Our Centers for Diversity and Inclusion foster and celebrate diversity to create a welcoming campus community for all students.
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